What Is Kush Cargo?

The Kush Cargo box has you on the re-up of the freshest 420 goods so that you may enjoy nature as it was meant to be. We are constantly in search for innovative products from up-and-comers as well as your favorite established brands that will surely keep you and your pals lifted.

Our favorite part of the job is discovering new products that we truly find useful in our everyday lives. None of that gimmick junk that ends up in the trash. This monthly subscription box is for the true toker. You can check out our past cargo boxes below to get a feel of the high quality items that come in each Kush Cargo box.



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Peep some of the past Cargo

Every month we ship our members a box full of new smoking goods at a crazy good deal. Click the photos to view past month’s cargo, and find the products sold separately in our
 online store.

March 2014

February 2014


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