Bake Sale Silicone Bubbler

by Beamer
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The Annihilator is the newest smoking innovation from Bake Sale. It’s a small bong that features a 14mm quartz banger for vaporizing concentrates. With a silicone and glass construction, the Annihilator is both easily portable and incredibly durable. The circular percolator in the bottom filters your smoke for smooth, easy draws, and the silicone pieces come apart quickly for effortless cleaning. The Annihilator is perfect for use both at home and on the go—get yours today!


  • Portable Silicone + Glass Bubbler 
  •  14mm Quartz Banger / Flower Bowl
  •  Comes apart easily for effortless cleaning
  •  Circular percolator produces smooth, filtered smoke
  •  Wide base stops it from tipping over