Torch Art™ - Voodoo Doll by Hexxus Creations - Orange

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The Hexxus Creations team is a talented group of artist. They create custom inspired original work. All Hexxus Creations production torches are hand molded, in-house, from original sculptures. Most are one of a kind, with a few designs being reproduced. They are made with the Errly Bird Torches that carry a lifetime warranty.  If there’s ever a problem, the torch can be returned to Hexxus Creations for repair. The artwork will remain intact and/or can be transferred to a new torch if necessary. 


  • Very Durable
  • Heavy Sculpture
  • Lifetime Torch Warranty
  • Unique one of a kind item!

About Errly Bird

Founded in 2013, ErrlyBird™ was created with the intention of pushing the envelope of innovation in a rapidly changing industry. ErrlyBird™ is always researching and developing new products to better the lives of consumers. At ErrlyBird™, you will find a premier distribution company that balances creativity with functionality.


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