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Pulsar Skull Fungi 10.5" Dab Rig

Original price $85.99 - Original price $85.99
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$85.99 - $85.99
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Dab Rig Specs:

  • Height: 10.5 Inches
  • Disc Perc
  • Skull and Mushroom Decal
  • Quality Boro

Unbowed, unbent, and unyielding – the Fun Guy series from Pulsar measures 10.5 inches tall and comes equipped with a disc percolator ready to let you take easy rips. Kick it old-school with a set of mushroom skull decal designs that aren’t just eye-catching but are sure to make your smoking session one for the books. And as if giant fungi on your dab rig wasn’t enough, Pulsar includes a 14mm hemp slide plus matching spiral horn handle in each package. Whether you go full boomshakalaka or remain lowkey, this rig is ready to show out at every sesh!