Dab Rigs

We have the perfect Dab Rig for all needs and budgets. Whether you are looking for some Heady Rigs from top artist around the world, Pendant Rigs, Recycler Rigs, Nectar Collectors, we have it all. Dab Rigs tend to be smaller than your normal flower pipe so you can enjoy the full flavor of your concentrate. The percolators are constantly evolving with new techniques being introduced regularly. Choose from a wide variety of Dab Rigs from brands such as Dynomite, Grav Labs, ROOR, Black Sheep, Crush Glass, or from your favorite Glass Artist around the world.

Shark Glass Bubbler

Shark Glass Bubbler

Kush Cargo

 Features: 6" Tall Joint Size: 14mm Joint Gender: Female Fixed diffused downstem Comes with matching Herb Bowl Each one is hand made and may diff...

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