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10mm Eye Pendant Rig
$ 60.00
About 10mm Eye Pendant Rig Genetik Supply Flux 10mm Nail Genetik Supply Silicone Mat  Thick Glass Brand: Sunset Color: Themed Size: 3" Joint Type: 10mm Male America Glass   About Dab Rigs Dab Rigs - Commonly referred to as oils rigs, vapor rigs, and dab rigs are all designed to smoke legal essential oils and concentrates. Usually made of high end boro, although some are made of full high grade quartz. There are many types of percs offered on Dab Rigs, with new designs coming out continuously. --> SHOP MORE DAB RIGS  
Beeswax Silicone Container
$ 6.00
Black Sheep Full Quartz Rig Halloween Dab Bundle
$ 76.80 $ 148.00
This Halloween Special includes: (1) Full Quartz Black Sheep Dab Rig (1) FreddyxJason Do Halloween Torch by KushZen x ErrlyBird (1) Kush Zen Freddy and Jason Dab Pad (1) Genetik Supply Black/Yellow Hive Container (1) KushCargo Planes Ti2 Dab Tool
Blacklight Reactive Skull Pipe - White
$ 49.99
Blacklight Reactive Spider Pipe
$ 49.99
Blacklight Reactive Spider Pipe - White
$ 49.99
Blacklight Reactive Spiked Pipe
$ 39.99
Blacklight Reactive Spiked Pipe - White
$ 39.99
Crush Toxic Oil Barrel - Blue Dab Rig
$ 80.00
Made in the USA by Crush Glass. Includes: 14mm Toxic Oil Barrel Dab Rig Glass Dome & Nail
Crush Toxic Oil Barrel - Orange Dab Rig
$ 80.00
Made in the USA by Crush Glass. Includes: 14mm Toxic Oil Barrel Dab Rig Glass Dome & Nail
Crush Toxic Oil Barrel - Orange Dab Rig
$ 80.00
14mm Toxic Oil Barrel Dab Rig Glass Bubbler Scientific Glass Matching Boro Dome & Nail Made in the USA!
Crush Toxic Oil Barrel - White Dab Rig
$ 80.00
14mm Toxic Oil Barrel Dab Rig Glass Bubbler Scientific Glass Matching Boro Dome & Nail Made in the USA!
Grav Labs - Slushie Cup - Black
$ 135.99 $ 169.00
ABOUT GRAV LABS SLUSHIE DAB RIG The Grav Labs Slushie Cup was inspired by a trip to a convenience store. Designed and created in Austin, Texas at the Grav Labs Headquarters. The downstem features a 4 hole filtration pattern to ensure smooth hits. Comes with a dome and adapter. Specs: Height: 5.5" (top of cup without dome kit) 14mm Joint Includes Angle-Cut Dome Designed by Grav Labs - Austin, TX   About Grav Labs  Grav Labs was founded in 2004 and has since risen to the top of the production game. Leaders in design, quality, function and price. One of the most noticable names in the Industyr, and will be found in nearly every smoke shop world wide. Based in Austin, TX and employing over 50 local glass blowers. Grav Labs has a very strong and diverse line up of bubblers, dab rigs, hand pipes, water pipes and much more. They...
Gridded Swiss 14mm Bubbler
$ 140.00
Halloweed Collection Pipe
$ 55.00
Halloweed Torch by Kush Cargo - Torch Art
$ 60.00
Torch Art™ is a line of butane torches brought to you by ErrlyBird™ featuring limited-edition high quality prints of original artwork created specifically for the torches. Torch Art™ is also a high performance butane torch and carries a no-proof Lifetime Warranty. This torch features our new Quik-Fire ignition system. When you purchase Torch Art™, you're not only supporting an artist, but you're also buying a torch for life!  In order to receive service or repair on your Torch Art™ please follow the instructions under the Torch Art Warranty tab at the top of the website. This edition of Torch Art™ features one "Halloweed" by Kush Cargo. Only 200 editions of this design were printed. © 2016.
Laramie Tough Box
$ 3.99
For Both King and 100's Size Cigarettes - Converible For Both Sizes By Flipping Top Around Holds 14 Cigarettes and Each Cigarette Case Measures 3.4 or 4 x 2.5 x 1 Inches
Medtainer - Crooks n Castles
$ 20.00
The Medtainer is an air tight, water tight storage container with added grinding functionality. So not only is your container air tight, but your grinder is too, keeping everything safe and secure and preventing the unwanted escape of odors.
Medtainer - Crooks n Castles Black
$ 20.00
The Medtainer is the VERY FIRST patented air-tight, water-tight, and smell proof medical grade container with a built in grinder. Developed with the needs and wants of the everyday consumer in mind. Air Tight Water Tight Medical Grade Plastic
Medtainer - Squad Birthday Cake
$ 15.00
All-in-one grinder/container.
NoGoo Skull Jar
$ 14.99
Designed by world renowned artist Charles Lowrie. 100% Reusable, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe.

                White/Glow in the dark
RAW Bible Set
$ 26.00 $ 29.99
1 RAW Wooden Smokers Box 1 RAW 300 Pack 1 RAW 300 Pack Holder/Grinder
Shine 24k Gold Blunt Wraps
$ 35.00
Take your next flight First Class With the Shine Gold 24K Wraps. Handcrafted gold cigar wraps made from the finest 24K edible gold. Each pack contains 2 gold cigar wraps crafted from 24K edible gold and tobacco.
Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers
$ 54.99 $ 60.00
1 1 /4 Rolling Papers. 12 Gold Sheets per pack.
Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers + RAW Tin
$ 55.00
Bundle Includes: (1) 12 Pack 24k Gold Shine Rolling Papers 1 1/4 (1) KC Pop Top (1) RAW Storage Tin
Shine Tattooed Blunts™ - The Benjamins
$ 7.00
Handcrafted wraps made with 100% edible ink as found in world-famous rolling papers.
Sunflower Silicone Container
$ 3.00
Zombie Nation Clipper Lighter
Sold Out
These Clipper lighters are very popular because of their quality and unique designs. These lighters would make a great addition to any display or personal collection, get yours today! 48 Units per Box