Beamer Val All-Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray 10 X 7

by Beamer
  • Natural bamboo rolling tray
  • 10" inches x 7.25" inches
  • Cutouts for papers, lighters, tips, dab tools, and more
  • Chemical-free finish applied by skilled artisans
  • Keeps your rolling area clean and organized

The quality bamboo looks better than similar metal and plastic trays, and it will last longer, too! With cutouts that are specially shaped to hold lighters, blunts, papers, filter tips, vaporizer parts, packing sticks, dab tools and much more, your rolling space will always look clean. These Bamboo Rolling Trays have an all natural, chemical-free finish and are hand painted and hand waxed by skilled artisans. This is the tray that every smoker deserves. Tray measures 10" inches x 7.25" inches.