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Beamer Goliath All-Natural Bamboo Rolling Tray 21 X 15 inch

by Beamer
  • Large rolling tray made from all-natural bamboo
  • Measures 21 inches x 15 inches, large enough to roll even 12 inch papers easily
  • Features a vast rolling area that’s CNC machined for a perfectly smooth finish
  • Tray is produced without harsh chemicals or dyes and is hand-finished by artisans
  • Features a long slot for holding rolling products, and 2 rare earth magnets to secure lighters

For all of you smokers that have a large area to roll in and demand only the biggest and best rolling tray to roll with, this is the tray for you. Measuring a huge 21 inches by 15 inches (you’ll likely be surprised by how big it is once it arrives at your door), this tray can fit an incredible amount of rolling product and materials on its wide open rolling surface. This tray is for the smoker who doesn’t do anything halfway—go big, or go home. A tray like this you’ll likely be using every day. Made out of durable, high-quality, all-natural bamboo, built to last. The tray is CNC machined for a smooth finish that makes rolling a breeze. The long slot at the top can hold a large number of papers, wraps, lighters, and other materials, and the two magnets in the top corners grab your metal lighters and dab tools, ensuring you’ll never lose one again! If you’re serious about smoking, and serious about the quality of the products you use, then you likely knew you wanted this tray the moment you saw it. So pick yours up today, and enjoy!