Hyer Big E Rig

by Hyer


The HYER Big-E™ is a revolutionary device that transforms almost any glass rig into a portable, hi-tech e-rig. Torch-free technology eliminates use of a butane torch from the equation and provides heat via a ceramic element. The expandable base allows the Big-E to house practically any glass water pipe, from flat base to beaker. Featuring a precise temperature control, the user can select their desired setting to the specific degree, making it convenient for low temp dabs. Thanks to a battery capacity that is capable of two hours of use, or 25 sessions, the Big-E is truly a portable dab rig.


  • Place the your rig on the Big-E, adjusting the grips so that they are holding the glass tightly in place.
  • Gently put the Big-E’s nail into the downstem.
  • Turn the Big-E on via the main power button on the control panel
  • Using the (+) and (-) buttons on the control panel, dial in your desired temperature.
  • Once your temperature has been achieved, dab your concentrate onto the nail, inhaling from your rig’s mouthpiece.