6" Blue Eyed Seawater Goblin Dab Rig


This little sea monster water pipe is equally as cute as he is freaky. It's hard to tell exactly what species of sea monster he is, but we believe him to be in the "blue eyed goblin" family, so that's what we're calling him. (but it hardly matters since you're gonna call him whatever feels right to YOU once you get your human hands on him.)

Standing 6" tall on a sturdy beaker base, his green "seaweedy" glass arms reach up and give you something to grab on while you toke him.

A banger sits on a fixed downstem with a natural perc at the base, filtering your concentrates through the water holding chamber and the mouthpiece hole sits in the center of his head just above his big blue eye. (or is it his mouth?)

Quite the addition for any interesting dab rig collection and makes a great gift for the sea monster lover in your life.