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Ardent FX Decarboxylator

by Levo

Meet the Ardent FX all-in-one, portable canna-kitchen! Backed by science, the FX is perfect for the Cannabis Lover, Home Chef, Wellness-Obsessed, Edible Enthusiast, Gadget Guru, and more. This new DIY device fully activates your plant material (97 – 100%), including flower, kief, concentrate, stems, and more, and has settings to infusecook and bake right inside.

  • Allows you to decarboxylate THC, CBD, and CBG, infuse oils, butters, milks and creams, and bake your favorite edibles, all in the comfort of your own home and with the push of a button.
  • Uses a precision odorless process and puts you in control to customize your dose and create accurate edibles, tinctures, topicals, capsules, suppositories, and more.
  • Suitable for any space with an outlet and can also be used as a regular kitchen appliance.
  • Ideal for both the expert user and newbie, no kitchen or prior experience needed.
  • Holds up to 4 ounces at a time but requires no minimum material amount — make potent edibles with just a gram of flower!
  • Dishwasher-safe, detachable base for easy cleanup.
  • Great for at-home or on-the-go, comes with a carrying case.