Birthday Cake Dab Combo

$220.00 $79.00

Brand: Diamond Glass

This combo includes:

1 Random Rig Rag (Assorted Colors)

1 Diamond Glass Birthday Cake Dab Rig - Green

1 14mm Domeless Quartz Nail

1 Titanium Sword Dabber / Carb Cap

1 420 Science 'Errl' Jar


The 'Birthday Cake' Dab Rig from Diamond Glass features a jolly rancher perc inside it's fat tiered chamber. Makes for some incredibility smooth hits. The sidecar mouthpiece prevents any unwanted water splash. Has a 14mm Male Joint.

  • 6" Height
  • 2" Base Diameter
  • Fixed Jolly Rancher Percolator
  • Sidecar
  • Flower Bowl
  • Glass Nail