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Freeze Pipe 12" Glycerin Coil Gravity Bong

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The only gravity bong to have a glycerin coil, this glass GB brings much-needed smoothness to a product that's historically known for its intensity. Don't get us wrong, this is still a GB and the Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong is an in-your-face type experience. The Freeze Pipe Gravity Bong features a large glass base and bottle that are used to create suction in the bottle to pull smoke in, then you attach the glycerin chamber and push it back down. This pushes pressurized and cooled smoke directly to your lungs. 

  • Includes 2 glycerin coils
  • 12" tall (not counting glycerin coil)
  • Honeycomb bowl for massive bowls with no ash pull-through
  • Quick Setup
  • 18mm Flower Bowl

What is Glycerin?

Glycerin is a gel-like liquid that is able to reach freezing temperatures quicker and stay cold longer than ice without freezing solid and cracking the glass. It is housed in a sealed chamber so it won't melt like ice in a regular ice pinch piece where it then trickles down and overfills the percolation chamber. It's completely safe, non-toxic, and typically found in food and sweeteners. 

How to Use Freeze Pipe Glycerin Chamber


Place the glycerin chamber in the freezer and let sit for at least 1 hour. It is okay to leave in there longer or even store it in the freezer so it is always ready when you are.