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Grav Gold 10 Arm Tree Perc Sprocket Disc Water Pipe

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This stunning water pipe is from the limited release Grav Gold Collection from 2015. Very few of these were made. Made with high quality boro glass, with a glass thickness of 5mm and a sturdy circular base, this scientific bong is built to last a lifetime.

This 10-arm Tree Perc Bubbler from Grav Labs features a 14.5mm female connection which snugly accommodates the included bowl slide. Using some of the most advanced percolation technology yet seen, the piece is equipped with a 10-arm tree percolator as well as two sprocket disc percolators. This combination of tree perc and dual disc percs breaks up smoke into finer particles, increasing the surface area. The airflow agitates the water inside, causing a spectacular bubbling action which rapidly cools and smoothes the smoke and delivers a clean, cool hit every time.