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HEMPER 10" Chronic XL Water Bubbler

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$199.50 - $199.50
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The XL Chronic bong is one of the best pieces yet to come from Hemper. This piece stands at 10” tall and features a double percolator designed to take you back to childhood. The first percolator is a blue spikey ball design with directional holes that will give a spinning effect to the function. The second percolator is a spring shower head disc perc with over 70 draining holes total. The double percolation filters the smoke to give you the smoothest hit and best function possible. This bong also features a gold ring splash guard and comes with a white and red themed flower bowl.


  • Height: 10 in. Tall
  • Width: 4.25 in. Base
  • Double Percolator
  • Blue Spiky Ball Perc (with directional holes for a spinning effect)
  • Spring Shower head Perc to a Disc Perc with over 70 holes total!
  • Gold Ring Splash Guard


  • Hemper Chronic XL Bong
  • (1) 14 mm male matching chronic bong themed bowl