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Kremlin Glass 10mm Storm Dab Rig - Pomegranate & Exp 19

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Kremlin Glass is an Austin, TX based artist that frequently works along some of the other Texas greats like Jmass, Micah Evans, Saltglass and Harold Cooney. This mini Tube is fully constructed from Northstar Glass Pomegranate and Exp 19. The tube has a 10mm female joint and functions like no other. The body done in Exp #19 is a CFL reactive color that will change from a blue to purple.

Also comes with a matching directional Carb Cap and Lighting Bolt Dabber done in matching colors.

Experimental #19 is another effort between Northstar Glassworks & Gaffer Glass to improve the production forming characteristics in the transparent purple glass introduced as Experimental #13. As a stable, air free glass with buttery smooth working properties this glass will present the same color and CFL reactive properties as Experimental #13.

Pomegranate is the lightest shade of the self striking ruby family Northstar currently offers. It is designed specifically for sculptural work and thick blown work, allowing for a clear unlivered ruby to be achieved. The self striking rubies are the next generation of colors offering the user cleaner purer colors with less air and difficulty in working.