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MJ Arsenal Dregg Rollie Bubbler

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Powerful and palm-sized, the limited edition Dregg Rollie Bubbler delivers an epic smoking experience. Boasting a dragon egg design, the Dregg is handcrafted from 100% borosilicate glass; the shell is carefully chiseled to replicate dragon scales, and a carb hole is strategically etched above the female adapter to provide you with a natural grip. MJ Arsenal equipped the bubbler with a dragon-shaped airpath.

The serpentine airpath is fixed securely to the base and sports heat resistance—delivering cool and enjoyable puffs of smoke. A triple-hole percolator is crafted into the belly of the beast to provide superior water filtration. The myth continues with the mini rig's exclusive packaging, featuring a clan of fiery dragons and a limited edition sticker.

Blunt Bubbler Features:

  • Fits Most Rolled Product
  • Triple Hole Perc
  • Functional Dragon
  • Textured Outer Surface