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OOZE Cranium Silicone 4-in-1 Bubbler / Nectar Collector

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4-in-1 hybrid piece caters to any way you’re looking to indulge. Use it fully assembled as either a bong or a dab rig - we include our new and improved 90° quartz thermal banger and Armor Bowl! Insert either into the downstem arm that acts as the power source for this gadget. Inhale to draw your smoke into the dual borosilicate glass chambers, where it ultimately collects in the top of the Cranium.

Pull the mouthpiece out and connect the titanium nail stored under the down stem to form your nectar collector. You can find a small, matching silicone stash jar under the base of the Cranium; store your dabs here and load them into the small glass bowl to dab out of the nectar collector.

Pop the glass insert out of the Armor Bowl and insert your 510 thread oil cartridge on your Ooze pen for an even smoother vape experience. We also include a small magnet on the downstem to hold a sticky dabber off the table, or keep a lighter on hand at all times.

The glass downstem has percolator holes around the very bottom for improved filtration and added smoothness. The Cranium disassembles for easy cleaning, and we recommend taking extra caution while handling the downstem to protect the delicate percolator.

  • Armor Bowl (14mm & 18mm)
  • 90° Quartz Thermal Banger
  • Titanium Nail for Nectar Collector
  • Silicone Stash Jar
  • Chameleon Black & Green Tie-Dye
  • Vape Pen Adapter
  • Downstem Magnet
  • Glass Smoke Collection Chamber
  • Percolated Downstem
  • Strong Borosilicate Glass
  • Heat Resistant Silicone