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Pulsar 13" Cyclone Drain Recycler Rig

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Looking for a powerful and unique bong that will give you an amazing smoking experience? Look no further than the Pulsar 13" Cyclone Drain Recycler Rig! This sleek and stylish bong is 13" tall and features a stemless design with a disc perc and open cyclone drain. The open cyclone drain allows water to drain out of the bottom of the bong and back into the perc chamber, creating a recycling effect that cools and filters your smoke. The bong also includes a matching bowl slide and has various color accents. So if you're looking for a bong that looks as amazing as it smokes, pick up the Pulsar 13" Cyclone Drain Recycler Rig today!

Water Pipe Specs: 

  • Height: 13"Fixed downstem
  • Disc style percolator
  • Open cyclone drain
  • Colored accented base
  • 14mm female connection
  • 14mm dry herb bowl slide (included)
  • Color will vary