RAW Double Barrel with Wiz Khalifa Supernatural Footlong Cones


Brand: RAW

Bundle Includes
  • (1) RAW Double Barrel Super Natural
  • (1) Wiz Khalifa x RAW Footlong Cones
  • (1) KC Pop Top

KC Limited Edition Pop Top Bottle -These Pop Top vials are an easy, convenient, and safe way to store your goods. The vials are child resistant but "pop" open with a simple squeeze on the sides near the top of the vial. The vials have a positive seal for enhanced freshness. All vials are medical grade plastic, BPA-free, and molded of natural gas based polypropylene FDA approved material. Exclusive to the KC Brand.

RAW Supernatural Double Barrel - Limited Edition item from RAW. The RAW Double Barrel Holder is perfect to fit the supernatural footlong cones.