The T Case - Sublime with Rome 12" Turquoise


ABOUT The T Case - Sublime with Rome 12" Turquoise

The T Case is a solid & secure storage case for your very best glass art. As Sublime with Rome blazes across North America on their coast to coast 'Sirens' tour, they keep their most valuable gear in their new Sublime Sirens T Cases, and now you can too! These Limited Edition 16" Sublime Sirens T Cases are available in Blue and Yellow!
Be sure to check out the 16" models as well.


  • The T Case is padlock compatible
  • Interior: 15.15" x 12.65" x 5.75"
  • Exterior: 17.25" x 15.25" x 6.50"

About Turtle Cases

The T Case - A Secure Storage Box

The T-Case works as one of the most secure storage boxes for your favorite glass art, camera equipment, tools, small firearms, ammo and a lot more. As it is a strong case with foam inserts, it helps your customers store each of their accessories without much hassle!
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