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UFO Aliens 7.75" Glass Water Pipe

Original price $98.99 - Original price $98.99
Original price
$98.99 - $98.99
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Dab Rig Specs:

  • Height: 7.75"
  • Worked Glass
  • Disc Perc
  • Boro Glass
  • Includes Herb Bowl
  • Colors Will Vary

    Ready to infuse your smoking experience with a hefty dose of galactic style? Look no further than the Take Me To Your Leader Water Pipe! It stands 7.75” tall, bringing major space vibes in the form of its ‘take me to your leader’ styled water pipe. This one-of-a-kind pipe includes a disc percolator for extra filtration as well as an extra smooth smoke and hit each time. And even better, it comes with its own matching 14 mm male herb slide so you can get on with enjoying interstellar sessions in no time!