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Vuber Pulse Smart 510 Battery With LED Screen

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Key Features & Benefits:

  • Smart Pulse Technology – The Pulse's cutting-edge technology reads the resistance of the cartridge and automatically adjusts settings for optimal use. Simply attach your cartridge and start vaping – effortless, every time.
  • Flavor Enhancement – The Pulse's intelligent design enhances the flavor profile of your vape, delivering a smooth, satisfying hit whenever you crave it.
  • Temperature Regulation – Our patent-pending "Never Burn" technology guarantees that your cartridge won't overheat or burn out. The heat tapers as you draw, ensuring the purest, most flavorful hit consistently.
  • LED Screen – The Pulse's vibrant LED screen displays battery life, resistance, voltage, and wattage so you can stay informed and in control.
  • Manual Mode – For users who prefer to fine-tune their vaping experience, the Pulse comes with a manual mode, allowing you to dial in your ideal temperature settings.
  • Vape While Charging – With the Pulse, there's no need to wait. Enjoy your vaping experience without interruption, even when your device is charging.