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Properly converting your bong to a oil / dab rig

So you have a regular bong, percolated, possibly with an addition ash catcher... That's great. All of this can easily be converted to a reasonable dab rig. First, clean that dirty bitch. Dabs are about flavor. If you got murky bong water or leafs all around your bong's base your doing it wrong. Pick up some Master Zen Cleaner here. Second, what you need is to find what size hole you use on your bong. This is called the ground joint, and it's either going to be a male or female fitting, and within a 10-18mm joint size. You'll need to measure your ground joint, so grab a tape measure, and see if its either 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm. If you have a female fitting, the first thing on your list to buy is a male to male adaptor, here. Once you are familiar with the joint size, your ready to shop for a suitable nail that fits snug. Shop nails here.




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