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Pulsar Quartz Diamond Nail
$ 30.00
Size: 10mm Female , 14mm Female , 18mm Female
HIVE x Brothership Ceramic OFZ Carb Cap
$ 40.00
HIVE X Quave v2 Banger Nail - 90 Degree 14mm Male
$ 70.00
HIVE Universal Ceramic Carb Cap w/ Stinger
$ 40.00
HIVE Onyx Domeless Nail - 14mm Female
$ 130.00
HIVE x Brothership Ceramic Honey Bucket - 14mm Male - Silver
$ 300.00
14mm Quartz Honey Bucket w/ Built-in Carb Cap
Sold Out
The quartz honey bucket is made to fit 14mm joints. Features a swiveling quartz swing arm bucket, carb cap, and laser engraved logo. Has a glass on glass male joint for a perfect tight fit.  
Dabsketball + Black Sheep Banger Setup
$ 45.00 $ 60.00
Get your dabsketball game setup proper. This kit includes TWO Black Sheep premium quartz bangers.  Bundle Includes (1) Dabsketball Silicone Mat (2) Black Sheep Quartz Bangers
Black Sheep Glass - Monster Bucket Domeless Quartz Nail
$ 24.00
Size: 14mm Female , 18mm Female
Genetik Hybrid Quartz / Titanium Nail 14-18mm
$ 50.00 $ 60.00
Black Sheep 90 Degree Slitted Banger - Male
$ 20.00
Size: 14mm , 18mm
Black Sheep 90 Degree Slitted Banger - Female
$ 20.00
ABOUT BLACK SHEEP 90 DEGREE BANGER Made of high quality 100% Quartz. Features a slitted bottom. Specs: High Quality Quartz Designed by Black Sheep- California   About Black Sheep Glass Black Sheep Glass is based out of California. Since 2007, they have been providing the industry with scientific glass that has a high set of standards. Black Sheep has a product lineup from quartz accessories to full boro scientific water pipes. [button type="primary" text="Shop More Black Sheep →" url="https://kushcargo.com/collections/vendors?q=Black%20Sheep"] About Dab Rigs Dab Rigs - Commonly referred to as oils rigs, vapor rigs, and dab rigs are all designed to smoke legal essential oils and concentrates. Usually made of high end boro, although some are made of full high grade quartz. There are many types of percs offered on Dab Rigs, with new designs coming out continuously. [button type="primary" text="Shop More Dab Rigs →" url="https://kushcargo.com/collections/dabrigs"]
Size: 10mm , 14mm , 18mm
Highly Educated - 18mm Flux Titanium Nail
$ 52.00
Highly Educated - 14mm Flux Titanium Nail
$ 42.00
Highly Educated - 10mm Flux Titanium Nail
$ 38.00
Highly Educated - 10mm DualiTi Quartz Titanium Hybrid
$ 130.00
14-18mm Domeless Quartz Nail w/ Ti Base
$ 30.00
Fits 14mm and 18mm joint sizes
Genetik Ready 2 Dab Nail & Silicone Set
$ 70.00 $ 121.00
Includes: 3 Silicone Oil Barrels 2 Hardcase Silicone Containers Titanium Bee Hive Carb Cap and Dab Tool 3 Titanium Flux Nails (10mm, 14mm, and 18mm) Large Silicone Mat
Grav Labs Adaptor Kit w/ Quartz Nail and Dome
$ 25.00
Size: 10mm , 14mm , 18mm
Genetik Titanium Flux Nail
$ 20.00
Grade 2 Titanium flux nail Available in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm
Size: 10mm Blue , 14mm Gold , 18mm Gold
Quartz Trough Nail / Dabber / Carb Cap Combo
$ 25.99
Carb Cap / Dabber fits perfect over the trough. Trough is available in: 14mm Male 14mm Female 18mm Male 18mm Female. Made of high quality quartz to withstand extreme heats.
Size: 14MM , 18MM
14mm Quartz Halo Nail - Female
Sold Out
The quartz halo nail features a halo ring for collecting vapor which may escape with the use of other nail designs. Also features a 14mm glass on glass fit.
14mm Quartz Combo
$ 28.00 $ 48.00
Includes: 14mm Quartz Nail - Female Large Quartz Carb Cap/Dabber Green KC Dab Pad
14mm Domeless Daisy Quartz Nail - Female
$ 10.00
Made of high quality quartz, this daisy styled dome less nail measures 14mm in diameter and fits male joints. Grooved slits line the interior of the bowl on this nail. Size: 14mm Material: Quartz