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Blunt Wraps | Hemp Wraps

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Blunt Wraps | Hemp Wraps

The largest collection of rolling papers, wraps, cones and tips anywhere online. We work directly with all the top brands such as RAW, Zig Zag, Juicy Jay, OCB, ROOR, Elements, Kingpin, as well as many others. Everything from 1 1/4 papers to massive 3 Ft Long Pre Rolled Cones. Everything from rice papers to hemp papers. If you find a cheaper price anywhere online, send us a message for a guaranteed price match.

Hemp Wraps are a flat thin sheet of paper made out of hemp. They roll just like blunts, but without the nasty tobacco. There is no decay of chemicals in hemp, which makes it better for your health. Since hemp wraps are made from natural hemp, no additives are incorporated which make for a safer and cleaner smoke.

Like regular blunt wraps, hemp wraps also come in various flavors that suit the user's preference. But unlike tobacco wraps, hemp wraps do not add intense flavors.  Hemp wraps also tend to burn much slower than traditional tobacco blunts.