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Cookies Original 13" Beaker Bong

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Introducing the Cookies Glass 13" Beaker Bong, where innovation meets classic design. Built for the modern connoisseur, this piece combines the legacy of Cookies Glass with unmatched functionality.

Key Specs:
🍪 Iconic Design: Choose from black, white, and blue logo options.
🍪 Robust Construction: Made from top-grade borosilicate glass, renowned for its strength and clarity.
🍪 Optimized Filtration: Features a 4" diffused downstem.

🍪 Cool Draws Every Time: The ice pinch lets you add ice for a refreshingly chilled smoking experience.
🍪 Generous Capacity: Comes with a 14mm male bowl.
🍪 Stable Base: The beaker-style base ensures stability, reducing the chance of accidental knocks.
🍪 Authentic Mark: Seal of genuine Cookies Glass, ensuring it's not just a bong, but a collector's piece.