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Newport Zero Linda Biggs Designer Butane Torch

Original price $45.95 - Original price $52.95
Original price
$45.95 - $52.95
Current price $52.95

Dab Torch Specs:

  • Height: 6 or 10 Inches
  • Adjustable Flame
  • High quality rubberized finishes
  • Piezo-instant-ignition system
  • Note: Torch comes empty.

Newport Zero's Linda Biggs Designer Butane Torches feature delicate and beautiful pastel designs by artist Linda Biggs, complete with her signature on the base. These torches are safe and simple to use, utilizing a self-igniting piezo system and an adjustable flame that functions at any angle.

This Jumbo torch boasts a 35mL fuel capacity and can provide up to 36 minutes of continuous burn time. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for lighting grills, campfires, incense, dabs, and more.

Maximize efficiency and versatility with the Turbo Charged torch. Equipped with a 30mL butane tank, it boasts a 40 minute burn time. Enjoy added safety with its child-proof lock and customizable flame options, perfect for handling delicate lighting needs such as deep candles and precision dabs.