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Yocan Red Series Delta Torch

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$38.95 - $38.95
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Dab Torch Specs:

  • 12 inch ultra-long 2500˚F flame
  • Color-changing capability (blue, green, red, orange)
  • Thermochromic muzzle
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 8g butane tank
  • Easy-to-view tank level window
  • Safety features: toggle flame lock, freestanding base design, windproofing
  • Convenient dial to adjust flame length

This torch boasts an ultra-long and powerful 2500˚F flame, with the ability to change colors between blue, green, red, and orange. The thermochromic muzzle and ergonomic grip make for a comfortable and stylish design. With an 8g butane tank and easy-to-view tank level window, you'll always be ready to go. Plus, safety features such as a toggle flame lock, freestanding base design, and windproofing ensure a worry-free experience. Adjust the flame length to your liking with the convenient dial. Get ready to ignite your passion for smoking!