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HyBird Wig Wag Bulb Nectar Collector

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The HyBird Wig Wag Bulb Nectar Collector Kit is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite dabs. This high-quality glass nectar collector comes with everything you need for a perfect dabbing experience. The included nectar straw and dish make it easy to enjoy your dabs, and the mushroom or shower percolator ensures smooth and delicious hits every time. The wig wag color is beautiful and vibrant, and the colors are sent in random so you're sure to get a unique piece.

  • 6" when assembled 
  • High quality glass
  • Accessories included inside the box
  • Nectar straw and dish included
  • Mushroom or Shower style percolator
  • Wig Wag color 
  • Colors sent in random