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Lookah Titanium Dab Straw

Original price $32.99 - Original price $32.99
Original price
$32.99 - $32.99
Current price $32.99

Dimensions: 66.7mm x 157mm x 25.5mm (Nectar collector in case)
Dimensions:142mm x16.6mm (Nectar collector only)
Weight: 230g (Nectar collector in case)
Weight: 28.5g (Nectar collector only)

Package content
1 x Nectar Collector
2 x Glass Tube
2 x Titanium Nail
1 x Nail Cover
1 x Base
1 x Base Adapter

Unlike the other Lookah dab pens, this honeys straw doesn't use electronics. You will need a torch to heat up the tip or titanium dab nail, which functions like a standard nectar collector.