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Groove CARA Wax Vaporizer

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$25.00 - $25.00
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  • Compact Design
  • Solid Build
  • Quality Functionality
  • Quartz Coil Heating
  • Heating In Waves
  • Adjustable Voltage
  • 15-Second Safety Cut-Off

Are you tired of bulky and complicated vaporizers? Do you crave a seamless, discreet, and powerful vaping experience? Look no further - the AUXO Cira Vaporizer has arrived.

Featuring cutting-edge quartz coil technology, the AUXO Cira evenly heats your concentrates in waves, ensuring a smooth and consistent vapor. No more burnt residue or uneven heating – enjoy your concentrate the way it was meant to be experienced.

15-Second Safety Cut-Off - No need to worry about overheating or wastage. With our built-in 15-second safety cut-off feature, the AUXO Cira delivers the perfect draw every time, giving you peace of mind and enhancing your vaping experience.


How to Use the CARA 

Unscrew the mouthpiece and coil cap and add your material into the coil (careful not to stab the heating elements). Screw the coil cap and mouthpiece back on. Press and hold the button and enjoy your vaping. Repeat as desired.