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Source Orb 3 Vaporizer Kit

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🔋 Variable Voltage Battery: Equipped with a powerful 650mAh battery, this vape pen features 510 threading and three adjustable voltage settings (3.3v to 3.9v), allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your exact preferences. From light and flavorful hits to robust and intense clouds, the Source Orb 3 has got you covered. The user-friendly single-button interface makes adjustments a breeze, ensuring your perfect hit is just a click away.

💨 Versatile Vaping Options: The kit includes six meticulously crafted atomizers designed for every type of vaper. Choose from single and double quartz rod atomizers for pure and intense flavors, black and white ceramic rod atomizers for robust draws, or the innovative SOURCE terra and terra Disc atomizers for a low-temperature, combustion-free experience. Each atomizer is engineered with lab-tested materials, ensuring safe and satisfying sessions.

🔗 Magnetically Locked Orb Chamber: Loading your wax has never been easier thanks to the magnetically locked Orb chamber. A simple snap open and shut mechanism eliminates the fuss of threading, offering convenience and speed without compromising on quality. The enhanced airflow design ensures every draw is smoother and more satisfying than the last.

📦 What's Included: Your kit comes complete with the Source Orb 3 attachment, variable voltage battery, a range of atomizers including single and double quartz, ceramic rods, and the innovative terra options, plus an eGo Charger and dabbing tool. Everything you need for the ultimate vaping experience is right at your fingertips.