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It’s healthier, cleaner, smoother and smarter. Vaporizing has become massively popular in all its forms, whether it’s through a complicated induction heating system or simply a flame held at distance. It’s more than a trend. It’s a transition to a new way of consuming herbs. And, luckily, vaporizing isn’t just more conscious – it packs a punch, too.


  • Airistech Airis 8 Dip N Dab On sale
    from $44.99

    Airistech Airis 8 Dip N Dab


    About the Airistech Airis 8 Dip N Dab The Airis 8 is the newest creation from Airistech which doubles as both a wax vaporizer pen and as a nectar c...

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    from $44.99