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Bear Quartz BQ Worked Sphere Dab Rig Box Set

Original price $139.95 - Original price $139.95
Original price
$139.95 - $139.95
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Dab Rig Specs:

  • Height: 7"
  • Sandblasted Body
  • Durable Boro Glass
  • Bear Head Perc
  • Includes Bear Quartz Banger & Matching Bear Head Carb Cap
  • Includes Two Terp Pearls

Delivering smooth and flavorful hits, the bear head percolator evenly diffuses your vapor, while the paired auto spinner quartz banger (25mm outer diameter, 22mm inner diameter, 45mm bucket height, 42mm bucket depth, 3mm thickness) further enhances your dab session with its optimal heat retention.

Included in this box set are two clear terp pearls (6mm diameter), specifically designed to work with the 14mm male pro auto spinner quartz banger and provide a more efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience. The matching bear head carb cap (40mm diameter) not only completes the set but ensures precise control over airflow during your dab session.