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Dabtized Beer 2 in 1 Bubbler & Dab Straw

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Dabtized Beer 2 in 1 Bubbler & Dab Straw, a versatile and stylish piece that combines the functionality of a bubbler and a dab straw. Shaped like a beer bottle, this innovative piece is perfect for both dry herbs and concentrates, making it a must-have for any enthusiast.

Product Highlights:

  • Length: 7.75 inches long
  • Functionality: 2-in-1 design serving as both a bubbler dab straw and an herb hand pipe
  • Unique Shape: Designed to resemble a beer bottle, complete with hemp-themed label decals
  • Packaging: Comes in colorful, eye-catching packaging
  • Accessories Included: Matching silicone and glass concentrate container and a scrub brush for easy cleaning
  • Quartz Dab Tip: Includes a removable 10mm male quartz dab tip
  • Dry Herb Tip: Equipped with a dry herb tip for versatility
  • Designs: Available in various designs, each with its own unique label and color