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FLUX Stash Bear

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Current price $28.99

Discover the FLUX Stash Bear, the ultimate solution for water pipe enthusiasts seeking discretion and style. With a hidden compartment and activated carbon technology, this bear-shaped case keeps your accessories odor-free and out of sight. Perfect for both home decor and secure storage.

Innovative Design:

  • Discrete Hide-away Pocket: Located in the back of the bear, this pocket is specifically designed to store your water pipe discreetly, ensuring that it remains out of sight and mind when not in use.
  • Activated Carbon Liner: The interior is lined with activated carbon, a material renowned for its odor-absorbing properties. This ensures that any smells are contained within the bear, eliminating concerns over unwanted odors escaping into your living space.
  • Activated Carbon Beads: For added odor control, the bear is equipped with activated carbon beads. These beads work in tandem with the liner to trap and neutralize odors, providing an extra layer of scent security.