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Grav 8" Beaker Bong Black Accents

Original price $80.00 - Original price $80.00
Original price $80.00
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The Grav Beaker Bong is a sturdy and stylish water pipe that is perfect for dry herbs. The borosilicate glass is of the highest quality, and the black accents add a touch of class. The fixed fission downstem ensures a smooth smoke, and the geometric ice catcher allows you to cool your smoke without losing any flavor. The natural splash guard keeps your water clean, and the beaker base provides stability. This bong is 8” inches tall and has a clear glass design with black accents. The 45° joint angle makes it easy to set up, and the 14mm female joint ensures a tight seal. The 14mm male cup bowl allows you to pack your herbs tightly, and the sandblasted Grav decal adds a touch of style.