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Inline Showerhead Injection 13" Water Pipe

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Want a bong that can give your lungs an exercise like they’ve never experienced before? The Octet Value Bong is the thing for you! This innovative design uses 8 injection arms and has percolators all around, giving out smooth airflow with expansive consistency. It also features smoke holders at different points so no matter where it goes in between there will always be some herb waiting to get smoked by you—and not just because this splash guard makes sure nothing gets spilled on our floor either (although I'm guessing those are pretty important reasons).

Water Pipe Specs: 

  • Height: 13"
  • Five Honeycomb Percs
  • Inline Showerhead Perc
  • Thick Boro Glass
  • 14mm Herb Bowl Included
  • Color will vary