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King Palm Pre Rolled Flavored Tips -4 Flavors

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These flavored tips for rolling papers are made with terpene-infused food-grade essential oils that enhance any smoke sesh.  To take your smoking experience to the next level, simply squeeze and pop the filter tip for a rush of delicious flavor. When the filter is popped, the natural terpenes will release and activate the refreshing magic mint flavor. These flavored tips are also made with natural ingredients just like the flavors. King Palm uses organic corn husk to craft these filter tips for the most eco-friendly smoking experience possible!

This display comes with 20 pouches containing 2 Mini Size pre-rolls in each. Each individual Mini Size roll has a capacity of up to 1 gram. These slim counter displays are a great value for you, give your customers a little taste of King Palm Wraps to keep them wanting more.


  • 2 all-natural corn husk filter tips
  • 7mm Size
  • **This is for a single pack of 2 tips**