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Kush Cones Terpene Infused Hemp Cones - 7 Flavors

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Kush Cones Terpene Infused:

  • 12 Packs Per Box
  • 2 Cones Per Pack
  • 100% tobacco free
  • 100% nicotine free
  • Slow burning

Introducing the revolutionary Kush Cones Terpene Infused Hemp Cones! Specially designed for the health-conscious modern-day smoker, these cones deliver an extraordinary smoking experience like no other. Say goodbye to tobacco and nicotine and make way for a clean, slow-burning, and flavorful smoke.

  • 100% Tobacco and Nicotine-Free: Free from the unwanted health risks of tobacco and nicotine, these cones provide a cleaner and guilt-free smoking experience.
  • Slow Burning: The naturally slow-burning hemp cones guarantee a longer-lasting and consistently smooth smoke, allowing you to truly savor the moment and enjoy the enhanced flavors.
  • Multiple Flavors Available: Choose from an enticing collection of flavors, infused with premium terpenes for an unforgettable and aromatic smoking experience.