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Lookah Replacement 510 Quartz Coil - 4 Pack + Mouthpiece

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy-to-Use: Simply unscrew the mouthpiece/tip, place your concentrate in the quartz atomizer, replace the tip, and turn on your vape pen to enjoy a satisfying and efficient hit.
  • Customization: These 510 quartz wax carts come in 3 distinct series, each with a unique coil design to cater to individual preferences in taste, speed, and airflow, ensuring a personalized vaping session.
    • A-model Wax carts: 1tip+4Tunnel quartz coils - Superior taste for the ultimate vaping connoisseur.
    • B-model Wax carts: 1tip+4Column quartz coils - Rapid heating with an impressive vapor production.
    • C-model Wax carts: 1tip+4Flat quartz coils - Unrivaled airflow and ventilation for a premium, smooth draw.
  • Important Note: These Lookah 510 quartz wax carts are not designed for use with the Seahorse range of devices, as the 510 thread is longer than their 4mm compatibility.