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MJ Arsenal Saturn 8" Water Pipe

Original price $119.99 - Original price $119.99
Original price
$119.99 - $119.99
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Dab Rig Specs:

  • Height: 8"
  • Durable Boro
  • Donut Diffuser
  • Recycler Action
  • Joint: 10mm Female
  • Includes Herb Bowl

Introducing the Saturn Mini Water Pipe from MJ Arsenal, named after the planet in our solar system with the most beautiful orbiting rings (because let's be real, Uranus just doesn't cut it). This pipe is equipped with a donut diffuser that cycles water like a pro, ensuring that your interplanetary travels are smooth sailing.  MJ Arsenal is determined to keep the air space in their pipes to a minimum, giving you the fullest flavors and a low chance of harsh smoke. Standing at 8 inches tall and comes with a 10mm male herb slide, this pipe is available in multiple, out-of-this-world color options. So, whether you're visiting Jupiter or just hanging out on Earth, the Saturn Mini Water Pipe is the perfect companion for your next intergalactic adventure.