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OOZE 'Blaster' 4-in-1 Silicone Dab Rig / Nectar Collector / Water Pipe

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The Ooze Blaster is a 4-in-1 hybrid device that easily handles flower and concentrates with the simple swap of the accessory. This outer space-inspired device delivers massive blasts with every inhale; the design allows for plenty of space to milk each hit. Created in tandem with the Ooze UFO and Hyborg, these pieces were designed to take you to a different planet with each smoke session. Made of strong borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone, the Blaster is ready to demolish whatever you toss its way. Extremely sturdy with two base options to choose from (glass or silicone), it has 4 distinct functions expertly packed into a relatively compact, futuristic device. Use the glass base for the visual of the smoke gathering inside, or swap it out for the silicone base to create a totally unbreakable device that you can take on the go. Use the matching Armor Bowl for the bong function. Attachments insert directly into the top of the sphere component, so you always have a full view of what you’re doing. This bowl has a versatile 14mm and 18mm downstem that is compatible with tons of water pipes, which means that you can add a touch of Blaster flair to any bong you already own. Pull the glass insert piece out of the silicone to reveal flat and round grooves meant for an Ooze pen. Insert the cartridge tip for a super smooth vape experience. When you’re ready to go full throttle with the Blaster, it’s time to switch over to concentrates. The Blaster features a hidden non-stick silicone stash jar under the base, as well as a matching Geode silicone glass stash jar to secure your wax until it’s time to dab. Insert the Thermal Banger and heat it up with a torch. Load in the dab and let the Blaster do it’s thing: blasting you in the face! For a more hands-on approach, pull out the mouthpiece and titanium nail that sits just below it, and connect them to form the nectar collector. Heat the nail and take a dab right out of the Geode or any other heat-resistant container. The Blaster comes in a spaced-out box that features a wraparound window to show off all the contents.