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Puffco NEW Peak Pro Vaporizer - 4 Colors

Original price $399.00 - Original price $420.00
Original price
$399.00 - $420.00
Current price $399.00

Elevate your experience with the joystick carb cap and the laser cut perc slots in the glass bubbler attachment - designed for optimal water filtration, providing smooth and powerful hits.

The New Peak Pro boasts Bluetooth app connectivity compatible with Android and IOS smartphones, giving you full control over heating profiles, temperature, timers, mood lights, and more. Unlock your personal interactive dashboard to monitor stats like dab count, average duration, popular temperature, and mood light settings - revolutionizing how you engage with your device.

Sporting a powerful 1700mAh battery capacity, the New Peak Pro offers approximately 40 heat cycles per charge and a fast 2-hour charging time. Enjoy the convenience of both USB-C and wireless charging options, keeping your smart rig at the ready.

The New Peak Pro Vaporizer Smart Rig is available in sophisticated Onyx or Pearl colors and comes with a stylish carrying case, ensuring you can enjoy your unparalleled vaping experience anytime, anywhere.

Peak Pro Features:
  • New! 3D heating chamber
  • New! In-app interactive dashboard
  • New! Joystick carb cap
  • New! Laser cut perc slots
  • 1700mAh battery capacity
  • Real-time temp control
  • Large ceramic chamber
  • Bluetooth app connectivity
  • 4 Preset heat profiles
  • Custom heat profiles, temp, mood light, and time
  • 20 second heat up time
  • Charges in just 2 hours
  • Average 40 sessions per charge
  • USB-C & Wireless charging
  • Includes carrying case
What's in the Box:
  • New Peak Pro base
  • Glass bubbler
  • 3D chamber
  • Joystick carb cap w/ jacket & tether
  • Loading tool
  • Dual tools
  • USB-C cable w/ AC adapter
  • Carrying case