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Pulsar Psychedelic Turtle 10" Beaker Bong

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The captivating Psychedelic Turtle design takes center stage, featuring a wise old sea turtle as your spirit guide – surrounded by mystical underwater floral plants. You won’t just be buying a bong; you’re getting a mind-expanding piece of art that perfectly complements your cosmic journey.

The Pulsar Psychedelic Turtle 10" Beaker Bong includes a 19mm downstem diffuser with a 14mm joint & 14mm male herb slide to complete your ideal smoking setup. And the herb slide even comes with a handle for easy, hassle-free removal with every toke.

Here's what our satisfied customers are saying:

"The Pulsar Psychedelic Turtle bong is the perfect combination of style and functionality. I love how the cooling ice catcher and smooth hits let me enjoy my herbs to the fullest. The design just makes it even more special to me. Highly recommended!"

Beaker Bong Specs:

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 10"
  • Ice Catcher