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Shop All PuffCo Wax Pens, 510 Batteries, E Rigs , E Nails and More

PuffCo Price Match Guarantee - We will beat or match any of our competitors prices on all PuffCo items.

Puffco vaporizers have earned a reputation for being top-tier devices in the vaping industry. Here are some reasons why they are highly regarded:

  1. Quality Vapor Production: Puffco vaporizers, such as the Puffco Peak Pro and Puffco Plus, are known for producing smooth, flavorful, and potent vapor. The quality of the vapor they produce is often described as above average, with a clean taste and comfortable inhalation.

  2. Innovative Design: Puffco has consistently innovated in their product design. The Puffco Plus, for example, features a built-in dab tool, while the Peak Pro has Bluetooth capability for real-time temperature control and customizable LED lights.

  3. Ease of Use: Puffco vaporizers are praised for their hassle-free usage. They are designed to make the vaping process straightforward and enjoyable, whether you're a beginner or an experienced vaper.

  4. Portability: Many Puffco vaporizers are designed with portability in mind. The Puffco Plus, in particular, is noted for its sleek design that fits anywhere, making it a great choice for on-the-go vaping.

  5. Versatility: Some Puffco models, such as the Puffco Peak, are more versatile than other vaporizers on the market, offering a quick and concentrated vaping experience with less setup time required.

  6. Longevity: Despite years since their release, Puffco vaporizers like the Puffco Plus continue to be top-shelf devices, indicating their durability and long-term performance.

Do PuffCo products come with a warranty?

Puffco offers a warranty policy for its products. If a valid warranty claim is made during the Limited Warranty Period, Puffco will repair or replace, at its discretion, any defective product free of charge. You can visit for help with your Puffco product.

The warranty does not cover glass, atomizers, normal wear and tear, or damages caused by accident or abuse. Water damage is also not covered by the warranty.

The Limited Warranty policy for Puffco includes 1 year on their devices, except for the atomizer.

Can you smoke dry herb from a PuffCo device?

Puffco devices, such as the Puffco Plus or the Puffco Peak, are specifically designed for use with concentrates, not dry herbs. Concentrates include substances like wax, shatter, or oil. 

However, there is a specific model, the Puffco Proxy, can be compatible with dry herbs using a separate attachment.